We turn any store to a smart, data-driven and interactive with a click of a button


Retail Revolution 2.0

In today's highly competitive retail environment, brick-and-mortar have to evolve business levers, optimize processes and offers, and create personal shopping experience.

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Aduptiv vision analytics at Scale

Monetize your existing CCTV cameras to create a smarter data driven business

Understand Customer intentions, actions & behavior

Understand Product engagement

optimize shopping experiance

Increase conversion with data driven action

Improve loss prevention

Optimize workforce and service

Computer vision & deep learning in 3 clicks

Physical understanding in real time

Easy and quick integration

Just add you DVR address and get started
Get instant analytics, real time notifications & optimization insights

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Retail 2.0 Case Study

Automated work force Manegment

Decreased hours of unecessary workforce per week, save days worth of salary

Floor Plan Optimization

New features

Increase time in store, sales and engagement, by understanding how to optimization your floor plan

Product Correlations Analysis

Now available

Increase sales by understanding product correlation faster and better to maximize your offers and promotions


Real time actions that make a change

Every thing you need in one place

We are developing new tools for brick and mortar stores to attract customers, increase sales, enhance the shopping experience and lower operational cost.

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